Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Cottage Bathroom

Hello Blogger Friends!
The cottage has been decorated now for a few weeks and I finally got around to taking some pictures so you could see how it turned out!
I decorated each room of the house this year because I was filled with some extra Christmas spirit. I even decorated my sweet little bathroom!

I love this little vingette on my bathroom wall. The Santa is a glass ornament I bought last year and he is wearing a PINK coat if you can believe it. There just aren't enough Santa's our there that are secure enough in their manhood to wear pink. That's why we have to paint them all, just like I painted that sweet snow lady ornament on this shelf . . . she used to be red and green!

I think my bathroom is so sweet and pretty. I loved how my tree turned out. It is pink, of course, and I bought it last year. I used bright pink and silver on her this year and it seems to suit her perfectly!

I got those sweet pink and silver deer at Michael's and they work just perfectly in this room! I'm so glad I went ahead and got them because they were in my basket but I almost put them back. I'm so glad I didn't!

The whole room is decorated for Christmas! It is so relaxing and wonderful to sit in the tub with only the Christmas lights on the tree illuminating the room. I could sit in there for hours . . . if I had the time!

Here is another look at the sweet bathroom tree and a close up below of some of the ornaments. It turned out so beautifully this year and I get so excited every time I have to go in to the bathroom because it is just so pretty in there!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing by sweet Christmas cottage bathroom and I hope yours is decorated just a sweetly!
Blessings to You!
Love Tammy

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