Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Tea 2011

Hello Blogger Friends!

I wanted to share a few pictures of my cute jars I made to hold my little Halloween sprinkles and I have some great pictures of the Halloween tea party I had with my mom and my special guest Sherry.

This first jar is for the silver sprinkles I used on the ghost cupcakes you will see later! I love the silver eyelash trim on this jar. This next jar is for the little bones sprinkles. I tied cheesecloth around it to make a bow and added a spooky spider.

This jar is for the cute pumpkin sprinkles that I will use soon to decorate some cute Halloween cookies.

This jar is for the black and white skull sprinkles. It is my favorite jar because I love the trim I used. I pulled it off of a lamp I bought a long time ago and reused it! It looks much better on the jar.

Here are all of the jars together. I think they turned out so cute!Here is the tea table after I got it all set and decorated just before my guests arrived.

Here is the place setting I used. It is some beautiful silver-rimmed china with a black dessert plate. I tied a black and white gingham ribbon around the napkins. It was really simple but it looked really pretty.

The centerpiece was black glittered witch silhouette candle holders and another beautiful silver candle holder on a black tray. I love the black and clear gems in the tray. Everything was perfectly coordinated!

I made each of my guests a special gift basket. I got the containers at Hobby Lobby and added the silver pipe cleaner for a handle. I added trim and I made the cute "Happy Halloween" medallion out of crepe paper, tulle, and card stock.

I filled each basket with a small candle and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, a Halloween cookie cutter, some fall candy corn snack mix in a cute bag, and some pieces of Halloween candy. The baskets turned out SO cute!

I made lots of yummy food too! I made these cute ghost cupcakes, some orange jello salad, turkey and Swiss roll-up sandwiches, and . . .

these cute mini pumpkin pies! They were so tasty with their spooky chocolate faces! My mom made a delicious pasta salad and I served some caramel apple tea. We had a wonderful time!

I was so blessed to have a special guest. Miss Sherry is the sweetest heart I have ever met and I am thankful for her friendship! I am also thankful to have a sweet, wonderful mom to share these special times with. It wouldn't be the same without her at my tea parties.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween Tea Party. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think! I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Love Tammy

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our "Almost Wedding Day"

Well, today would have been the big day! I am anxious to see how the weather turns out. It is chilly here this morning in Oklahoma but I think it is going to be a gorgeous day! After James proposed to me in May we sat down with the calendar and picked a date for our wedding . . . and we picked today. Then mom and I got busy making plans. I even have a beautiful dress that I just had to try on this morning. After thinking about it more we decided we needed more time so we have postponed the wedding until next year in September. It is crazy to think that I could have been walking down the aisle this evening to marry the love of my life. James is such a kind, loving, compassionate man and he is always doing sweet things for me. He loves me like I want to be loved and I am so excited about being his wife. So instead of making beautiful things for my wedding, I have been making beautiful things for my Halloween cottage. I made that sweet little pumpkin out of a round of fabric, stuffed it, then gave her some embellishments.

I covered this ugly wood frame with some really neat velvety scrapbook paper and then embellished it too. I think it is so cute!

I bought this three-opening picture frame to create this adorable "BOO" sign for my Halloween cottage. I wish you could have seen how ugly it was before I dressed it up!

And here is Miss Molly looking "spooktacular" in her witchy costume. I got that great hat at TJ Maxx and added some more feathers and things. I think she looks so "bootiful"!

Here is a cute shelf made from a window shutter that I painted white, then added some cute decorations to. I love the black lace and the darling witch doll on this shelf.

I was really proud of myself when I got this wreath done. I saw one like it at Pier One Imports and wanted it so bad but it cost $59!!! So I was determined to make my own for cheap . . . and I succeeded! I think all together it was about $15 for the supplies to create this darling Halloween wreath. It hangs over a mirror above my fireplace mantle now. I am planning to show you some more pictures of my Halloween cottage in a later post.

I bought this pre-formed witch hat and covered it with glitter, then added some embellishments.

This is the star of the show in the dining area. I purchased this spooky Halloween tree at a gift shop in a small town near mine. I found it during a car show that James and I were working at and he was so sweet to carry this silly black tree with orange lights up and down the streets while he looked at the cars. He got a lot of heckling from the other men but his still carried for me. When I got it home I immediately got busy making ornaments. If any of you have been following my blog for a while you know that I LOVE to make little ornaments for every occasion and holiday. When I finished my Halloween ornaments I was pretty proud of myself because they turned out to be so darn cute!!!

I made little ghosts out of cheesecloth and glass marbles.

I made orange/white and black/white lollipops out of polymer clay and GLITTER.

I made candy corns from clay and glitter and I embellished some pre-made witch hats.

Then I brought out the darling ornaments I made last year and the tree was covered with the cutest Halloween ornaments you have ever seen. I wish you could see it in person!

I also painted that dresser I got at a garage sale so now it is the lovely shade of white and it matches the other furniture in the room. It has become a real showcase for many of my darling creations. I just love these candle holders but I had a terrible time trying to find orange and black candles in my town. I looked every where they sell candles and nobody had orange and black. It was really upsetting me at one point, but then I had the crazy thought of just buying some white candles and covering them with some coordinating scrapbook paper. Thank goodness for pretty paper!!! Now they match perfectly and I can use the candles again for another holiday!

I hope you have enjoyed my pretty Halloween creations. I have more to show you!!! I made some darling jars for my Halloween sprinkles AND I had a special guest for a tea party this past Wednesday and I have a lot of great pictures of our time together. Miss Sherry of County Wings in Phoenix was in Oklahoma and she and my mom came over for a special Halloween tea party. We had wonderful food and great conversation and I can't want to share it all with you. Please keep Sherry and her family in your prayers because her mother possibly had a stroke yesterday. I am sure she would appreciate your prayers.

I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend and a happy Pink Saturday! Please check out the other great blogs featured on Beverly's blog. Thank you Beverly for hosting us again this weekend!

Blessings to You!

Love Tammy

Friday, September 2, 2011

Is It Time For Fall Yet?

Hello my sweet blog friends! Is it fall yet? I am so thankful that August is over. It has by far been the most difficult month of the year for me. I don't know about you ladies, but we here in Oklahoma are SICK of the heat and we are ready for some cooler temperatures. I would also love some beautiful fall leaves on the trees, some homemade apple cider, my favorite jeans and sweaters, and some of that delicious candy corn snack mix I make every year in my pretty candy dishes around the house (although that only lasts a day or two around here!) I am so "in the mood" for fall . . . and with fall comes football season (Go Sooners!!!) and Halloween! I have begun some Halloween projects that I wanted to share with you. I made the cutest Halloween banner to hang on my fireplace mantle. I used scrapbook paper, glitter, crepe paper, chipboard, ribbon, and fabric to put her together.

I think she turned out REALLY cute. I have been having so much fun making these banners. I have made one for each holiday since Valentine's Day and I plan to continue making them.

Here is the finished product! Pretty cute, huh?

I have begun the process of taking all of the pink stuff and roses down and packing them away to transform my cute cottage into the most darling black and white Halloween haven you have ever seen. I can't wait to show you the pictures. Hopefully I will be able to share some new ideas with you for decorating your own space!

I made a few cute paper flowers for my Halloween decorating from the pages of an antique book. I painted the petals with silver glitter glue and then sprinkled some orange glitter over that. I am going to make several more to put here and there around the house for decoration. I am so excited to get busy decorating!

I have big plans to make more Halloween cuties and I will be sharing them with you all. I will be posting a darling Halloween bucket tutorial soon so if you are interested you should definitely come back! I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend and a Happy Pink Saturday! Please visit Beverly's site to check out all of the other great blogs!

Many Blessings To You!

Love Tammy