Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Cottage Kitchen

Hello Blogger Friends!
I am so excited to show you how pretty my sweet Christmas cottage kitchen is this year. I normally decorated my cottage in pastels and lots of pink for Christmas but my mom inspired me to go red and silver with lots of candy and gingerbread this year. I am so glad she did because it turned out so lovely! You can visit her blog at
Candy canes are so fun, inexpensive, and easy to decorate with. And they fit my color pallette of red and white just perfectly this year!

It's really amazing that these lovely glass jars can be transormed just by what they are filled with and the ribbon tied around them. They look very festive right now, just like an old-fashioned candy store at Christmas time!

The tops of the cabinets got completely redecorated for the Holiday season. I just love the red and white decorations on the greenery!

Here is the dining area dressed up for the holidays. Isn't it lovely?

I used silver, red, and white to dress up the table too. The transferware china was made in England and I think the name is Brookestone, but I may be wrong. To be honest I can't remember!

And the centerpiece is just lovely too. I made that tree last year by bleaching a green tree and glueing decorations on it. I will use it again in the white season next month.

The top of the smaller china hutch is so pretty! And I love my silver deer I found at a discount store. They were full of hard candy. I emptied out the candy and tied a ribbon around their neck.

Here is the big china hutch decorated for Christmas. She looks so lovely. Just wait til you see inside!

I am always so pleased and yet still amazed at how beautifully my china hutch looks each time I decorate it for a holiday. I just love how pretty it all turned out this year! It is such an honor and a blessing to live in such beautiful surroundings every day!

Some more beautiful china from the hutch!

This is one of the many houses in my collection I bring out for Christmas. I got this one in Guthrie last year and you can put a Christmas light in her to make it glow!

Here is a picture of the kitchen from the dining area. It is so lovely!

Here is another picture of the dining table all decked out for Christmas. I wish my house could be in a magazine before I sell it! It's just so pretty! If anyone out there has any connections I could use the help!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my sweet Christmas cottage kitchen and dining area. They were so much fun to decorate! I hope your rooms are just as lovely for Christmas!
Blessings to You!
Love Tammy




  2. I love your Christmas kitchen, I also have the same small hutch as you, it was cherry and I painted mine off white. Thanks for sharing your decorations, love it!