Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Tea Parties

Hello Blogger Friends!

I wanted to share my sweet Easter tea party I had last weekend. My mom, grandma, and Rebecca from "A Gathering Place" came to my tea. She has a great post about the tea on her blog as well. I wanted to keep the decor light, sweet, and pink.

I just adore the centerpiece. Aren't those Easter baby angels just the sweetest things?

I filled ceramic bowls with treats for each guest and I made an ornament for each of us too!

I made these napkin rings from cardboard, scrapbook paper, vintage images, and sweet pink trim. I just love how sweet they turned out and that they matched the decor perfectly!

Here is the dessert table with all the sweets! I made Easter basket cupcakes with little Lindt bunnies and chicks. I also made marshmallow pops that were so sweet!

Here are some cookies I made that look like Easter nests with pastel eggs in the middle. I would love to see the pretty bird that laid those eggs!

I made cheesecake-filled strawberries. Mr. Rabbit guarded them well! I also made strawberry and walnut salad and chicken salad sandwiches. Everything was so delicious!

The best part of the tea was my company. Here is my sweet Mom, Ginger. She is a very talented lady and passed her love of creating on to me. I am so blessed to have her for my mom.

My grandma Mary came too! All of the grandkids have called her Nanny for as long as I can remember. She passed her love of creating and making things beautiful and special on to my mom. She is a very sweet grandma and I am blessed to have her too!

My dear, sweet friend Rebecca joined us for tea this time. I was so honored and blessed to have her company. She is a very talented, beautiful, loving lady. She encourages and inspires me and I am blessed to know her and to call her my friend. She has a daughter that is about my age and she was going to come but did not. I hope I get to meet her soon. If she is anything like her momma, I know I will like her a lot. I am planning another fun tea party this summer . . . definitely iced tea, and I hope they both can come back!

I had such a fun time planning and hosting this tea. All of the resources required to have a tea are so worth it after it is over, because of the beautiful memories that have been made. I know I will never forget this one!

Then the next day we celebrated Easter with Maggie and Lucie. We got the girls an Easter basket and filled them with goodies. They were so happy and excited when they found them under the Easter tree.

I redressed the table with new linens, dishes, and a sweet centerpiece. Everything looked so fresh and Eastery with all the sweet pastel hues everywhere!

I filled the bowls with some different Easter treats for each guest. A few years ago I made those sweet bunny napkin holders and I just adore them. I even sewed little white whiskers on each one!

We enjoyed our time together celebrating Easter as a family. I love this picture of all of us together.

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Easter holiday and are able to make many sweet memories with your family!

Many Blessings to You!

Love Tammy

Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party

Hello Blogger Friends!
I had a St. Patrick's Day Party on March 17th. I made this darling banner and hung it on my dining room window. I used scrapbook paper, paper doilies, green tinsel garland, and pretty green ribbon to make it. The sentiment is true! I feel so lucky to have the wonderful life I have! Here is my dining room table all dressed up for the occasion. It was a "spur of the moment" thing so it's not great but I thought it turned out pretty cute!

These are the favors I made. I used rainbow twizzlers (so delicious!!!), rolos on the bottom layer, and filled the center of the cups with skittles candies. Instant pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Pretty cute, huh?

James, Maggie, and Lucie joined me for the celebration. Isn't Maggie the prettiest little girl? She is growing up so fast! She has chickens she is raising at her grandma's house and she is a very responsible young lady. I am blessed to have her in my life.

And her sister Lucie is growing quickly too. We still can't figure out why she won't smile when we take her picture. Isn't her little headband cute?

My sweet James is always so excited about my little celebrations. He is very appreciative of the fun things I plan for him and the girls. He is such a sweet man and good friend to me.

For our dinner I made baked potatoes, spring greens, blarney stones (rolls that were almost as hard as rocks!), and you know I made . . .


I used the cupcake display stand that James got me for Valentine's day and made two different kinds of cupcakes. I made Lucky Charm cupcakes and these cute rainbow cupcakes. I used those fantastic "Airheads" gummy rainbow strips. At first they were hard to find. I had never tried them before. I had a taste after I decorated the cupcakes and now I am addicted. I can't stop eating those delicious rainbow candies!

We had a fun time at our St. Patrick's Day celebration. We talked about who St. Patrick was and some of the traditions of St. Patrick's Day. It was a fun time to spend together.

I hope you had a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Blessings to you!

Love Tammy

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Cottage

Hello Blogger Friends!
I got my house all decorated for Easter and I wanted to show you how beautiful it turned out! This is my dresser in my bedroom. I love the Easter tree in the center. Isn't she precious! She is one of my favorite pieces and I got her last year.

I decorated this shelf in my bedroom and I love the velveteen rabbits. Aren't they cute?

This is a new table I put in the hallway and I absolutely love it! Here is Chester the rabbit that I found last year. Isn't he the cutest?

This is the mailbox shelf I painted at Christmas. I put it in my bathroom and decorated it for Easter. I love those sweet white bunnies!

Aren't these rabbits darling too? I love the bunny candy dish on this shelf.

I love this little display in my living room. Isn't it sweet? The sweet bunny I painted last year is hiding in the cage. So sweet!

I rearranged the furniture in the living room and now the dresser is on the wall where the fireplace was. Isn't it cool to be able to move your fireplace!?

I love the sweet, soft decorations in this display . . . and that candy is making me hungry!

Aren't those chicks cute? I think they are one of my favorites!

Here is another shelf on the living room wall. I found that Easter bonnet for $1 last year after Easter and decorated it up.

This is a new shelf I hung by my front door for Easter. I love these cute chicks!

Here is my amazing fireplace mantle. It is really beautiful in person. Wish you were here to see it and have a cup of tea!

Here is the Easter tree. I made a lot of the ornaments on it because I didn't have anything at all to put on it when I started. You will get to see some of the ornaments close up.

Holy cow! This is my china hutch for Easter. I had a lot of decorations and didn't want to leave them in the bins so I packed the hutch full of things.

I love this darling church. I love the soft pastel colors of Easter. I also love how it sparkles!

Here is one of the bunnies I decorated last year. I think he is so cute!

And how about a chocolate rabbit in chocolate candies? Isn't this a cute idea!?

The dining room is all dressed up for the perfect Easter tea party. I will be hosting one next weekend and there will be lots of pictures to come!

Here is the beautiful cupcake stand James got me for Valentine's Day. I am thinking of painting it white. It would match with my decor better. Right now it is just decorated but for the tea party it will have lots of yummy cupcakes on it. I can't wait!

Here are some of the beautiful ornaments I made for the Easter tree. I was so thrilled when I was finished with them. They turned out so beautiful!

I made these carrots out of clay! Aren't they so cute? I love them so much. I bet the Easter bunny will too!

I made this Easter banner for my china hutch. I loved decorating each letter with spring and Easter decorations.

I made this banner for my fireplace. I used my Cricut to cut out most of the shapes and that made it so much easier!

Here are some darling bunnies I purchased this year to decorate my mantle. I really love them so much and they make me smile when I see them. Aren't they cute?

What a precious little chickie! I love her darling little party hat. Reminds me to celebrate every day!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my sweet Easter cottage and all the darling things I have been making lately. I will be having that Easter tea party next weekend and will post pictures as soon as I can. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Blessings to you!

Love Tammy