Friday, March 4, 2011

Girl Scouts Luncheon

Hello Blogger Friends!

Yesterday, March 3rd, I had the opportunity to attend the Juliette Lowe Leadership Luncheon to help raise money for Girl Scouts in my community. They have had the luncheon for several years and I have attended the last 4 luncheons they have had. They have all been wonderful!
They always serve a delicious lunch and we get to see how Girl Scouting is making a difference for girls in our community. They also have a guest speaker each year and this year it was Kaci Hundley-Fisher. She was Miss Oklahoma 2001 and she went on to represent our state in the Miss America pageant that year. It was quite an honor to hear her speak. When she was Miss Oklahoma her platform was drug prevention and that is what I do in my job every day, so I had to go introduce myself!
Kaci's presentation was very motivational to me. She talked about how Girl Scouting creates young ladies to be strong leaders in their community and she encouraged all of us ladies to examine if we are being good leaders and healthy examples for the girls and young ladies that are going to follow in our footsteps. It made me think about if I am being a good leader in my home, at work, in my church, and in my community. I know there are things I could improve upon, most generally I think I am a good leader in all of those areas because I try to do everything I do with integrity and authenticity. I hope the young girls that are looking up to me will have a good example to follow. I was very honored to hear Kaci's program and to meet her. If there is a Girl Scouts program in your area I encourage you to find out ways you can get involved and help. This program does make a huge impact in the lives of young girls. Cookie sales are going on right now so BUY THOSE COOKIES!!!
Blessings to you!
Love Tammy
I think I'll go have some Do-Si-Do's right now!!!

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  1. Well, I just bought some of the cookies today, as a matter of fact! I so enjoyed being in Girl Scouts when I was young and would encourage any young lady to join. It was wonderful that you got to meet Kaci and visit with her.