Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Life is so amazing. There are so many transformations that we go through in life, so many changes. The blog is slowly transforming as I learn new things and I am hoping that soon it reflects who I am, because it really doesn't yet. Since I just started two days ago I should probably just be patient with myself, huh? I am a pretty fast learner and I know I will figure out how to get the things I want on my blog the way I want them. I am just hoping that when people visit here they will be inspired and leave a little more light-hearted and refreshed, maybe with a smile on their face or a fresh idea in their mind.
I have SOOOOO many things I want to share with you all and it feels like I am bursting at the seams with ideas. I can't wait to share all of my pictures of my beautiful house, my sweet boyfriend, my furbaby Stoops, my family and friends, my passions, and my creations.
One of my passions is gardening, and I have been blessed with the opportunity of raising Black Swallowtail butterflies. Speaking of transformation, it is so incredible to me that a tiny egg can transform into a fat caterpillar that can transform into a beautiful butterfly. I went out to my gardens to water last night and realized that I HAVE WORMS!!! Yes, it is true. I get excited when I get worms because I know that in a few short weeks I will also have an amazing Black Swallowtail butterfly that will spread her wings and finally fly free into this great big beautiful world we live in. The picture above is what the little guys look like right now. As the weeks go by I will post photographs of the transformation that the caterpillars are going through while the blog is going through it's own transformation. Life is just so amazing!
I wish you a peace-filled day full of blessings! Love Tammy


  1. Hi Tammy,
    Very sweet post girlie .. I believe we are always being transformed within ourselves daily !! God is good my friend .. Thanks soo much for stopping by, and your kind words .. what a sweetie ..

    You will always be playing around with, and changing your blog .. soo much fun !! Can't wait to see and watch everyhting you share .. You have a happy day sweet one ~
    Hugs ~tea~ xo

  2. Finally got a worm, I hope one forms on my plant I bought. Really loving your blog. Be sure to sign up for the "Where Bloggers Create" so you can show your studio on a blog June 19. You can read all about it on my sidebar. Love your new picture.

  3. How cool is that!! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi and I look forward to seeing pictures of your cottage!