Friday, June 18, 2010

Tammy's Sweet Heart Studio - Where Blogger's Create

Hello bloggers! I am so excited to be joining the party today and I am looking forward to seeing your creative spaces! Welcome to my little studio, where I create so many sweet, beautiful things (when I can find the time!).

The picture below is what the room looked like when I moved in to the house in 2004. The previous owners were using it as a bedroom, but I knew that I needed a special space to create, so eventually it became my craft room.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wanted to pull your hair out? That's how I felt the day I took this picture. I wanted so badly for my studio to be ready for crafting and creating, but I had so much work to do on the room before it would be ready. Even the freshly painted door is off the hinges!

After a lot of hard work, my beautiful (and functional) studio is ready for creating! This is my favorite table to sit at. My sweet mom Ginger let me borrow this table and I love looking out the window at my little pond garden when I am crafting. I can see some of my roses out that window too. The shelf above is lined with pretty baskets waiting to be filled with crafting supplies.

I bought this cabinet for under $100 at an antique mall. It was in bad shape when I got her. I gave her a few good coats of white paint and added some sweet shabby rose fabric in the glass window. I have a lot of my crafting supplies stored in there.

This is actually a vanity that I took the mirror off of and am using it as a writing desk. It is the perfect place to write without distraction. I have another AMAZING writing desk in my utility room that will undergo a transformation and be moved into this room soon. I will take before and after pics and post them on my blog. You're gonna' love it!

One of my favorite things about decorating is piecing together sweet vignettes like this one on my writing desk. I like putting odd, random things together to display. My favorite thing on the tray is the "willow tree" angel with her hands in the air. She reminds me to celebrate my freedom and ability to create.

These are some wooden letters I got at a local craft store and covered with decorative paper and then went hog-wild with the embellishments. They are hanging on the west wall of the room. Look at the sweet pink butterfly on the "A". My favorite thing to do in my studio is . . .

I bought this file cabinet at Wal-Mart and it was black when I bought it. I gave it several coats of pink spray paint. Isn't it lovely? It could use some roses painted on it though, don't you think?

I bought a cheap and ugly cork board and painted the cork a light shade of pink. I put all of my ideas and inspirations on it for my upcoming projects. My mom had the great idea of putting all of her ribbon, buttons, and other embellishments in plastic storage containers and organizing them by color. Then when you need a pink button or ribbon it is easy to find!

This butterfly was a Christmas ornament and I glued an alligator clip on the back. Now I use them to hold back my curtains in my studio!

This is the infamous candle cupboard. It is my favorite piece of furniture in the house. I bought it at an antique store and it was a hideous olive green color. A few coats of white paint solved that problem! It has a mesh screen front and it holds my precious candle collection. That's why it's my favorite!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my studio and some of my creations. I look forward to sharing more with you soon and I hope you have been inspired by something you saw!

I wish you a blessed weekend!
Much Love to You!
Love Tammy


  1. Simply fabulous Tammy Girl! No words to tell you what an AMAZING JOB you have done at transforming the room into WONDERFUL!

    You go girl.


  2. There is no other word for your studio than.....
    A W E S O M E!!!!!! It is even more beautiful in pictures, I can set and look at every detail. How can your little room look so BIG and my little room look so itty bitty? You shine in the creation and decorating part of the universe. Love to see all your beautiful touches. I hope I just had a tiny bit of influence in your talents. (and they are many)Fabulous job honey.
    Luv & hugs

  3. You did an amazing job, Tammy. That is a simply gorgeous room...very beautiful and feminine.

    Have a lovely pink Saturday,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  4. I forgot to say...I love the photo of your adorable pooches!!

    I'm a doggie gal as well. I have the most adorable beagle you have ever seen. Her name, like your mom's, is Ginger. She was named for my husband's all-time favorite actress, Ginger Rogers.

    Our dogs bring so much love into our lives, don't they?


  5. You created such a beautiful studio space. I LOVE the colors and all the touches you have added to the room. You really transformed that bedroom into a gorgeous room.

  6. Hi Tammy :) Your crafting room is wonderful and so romantic...and oh my goodness, you have quite the candle collection! Love your sweet antique did a wonderful job transforming it, with the pretty floral fabric! You know, I did see some pink filing cabinets once at Walmart! I thought about buying one, but when I finally went back some time later, they were all gone :( You're idea of spray painting one pink is a very good one!

    Thanks for sharing more of your sweet home with us. I've really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  7. Hi Tammy,
    Your creatve room is fabulous !! What a FuN girly place to create in .. It goes so wonderful with the rest of your sweet PiNk, RoSey home !! How blessed you are to have such a beautiful little cottage to call HOME !! Thanks for sharing, and wishing you a wonderfully, FuN week-end ~
    BiG HuGs ~tea~ xo

  8. HI TAMMY...

  9. Hey Tammy, Guess what!! You are the winner of my "100th Follower" Giveaway!! Woo Hoo!! Seriously, you are :) Come on over to my blog, and go to my profile page so you can email me your complete address so I can get your pretties sent out to you.


    Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

  10. Congrats on your giveaway win, Tammy! What a great way to start your joining bloggy world.

    I love your precious pink place for creating. It is so welcoming, warm & wonderful ... you have done an exquisite corner for relaxing ... you are your Mother's daughter for sure.

    Have a beautiful day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  11. This is a dream room! I love it! Yes, your file cabinet needs a rose or two... :) Very inspiring.


  12. Tammy, I am your newest follower! You have got to show me how to do vignettes! I would love it if you would put the pink file cabinet in your will to me ha! This has been so fun, looking in studios's and finding new blogs! If you get a chance hop over and look at my space...Not to exciting, just thought I would warn you. Oh, bring your fur babies and meet mine!


  13. Just stunning. The transformation is amazing. That antique cabinet has me salivating! LOL Going to peek at the rest of your blog to see the transformation of your beauteous pink romantic house! Bless you!!


  14. Tammy,

    Your room has turned out to be phenomenal. What a great way to inspire others to make their own spaces work for them. Great job!!! What a terrific studio! So many goodies! I hope you get your ultimate dream job of helping others. Way to give back.
    Queen Bee Studio

  15. Hi Tammy!
    Your room is simply dreamy! I love it!
    Thanks so much for taking me on the tour.

  16. What a lovely shabby chic creative space. Love all the pink! So, enjoyed my visit with you. I've started this party since friday and I'm just getting to

  17. What a very beautiful room, so full of charm. It's a perfect place to be creative, love seeing what you've done to transform it into it's present loveliness.

  18. Hi Tammy, Your creative space is perfect! love your home, I can tell how much love you have put into it! marcia

  19. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  20. You have such a fantastic space! And so many wonderful ideas for storage. Your room looks like a peaceful, serene place to play.

  21. What a wonderful studio you have!
    so cuteeeeeeee I love pink things!


  22. Roses are so pretty and so is your studio. I like your white cabinets - another inspiration for my studio remake that's coming up. Thank you for inviting us.

  23. Your studio space is another pretty part of your sweet cottage! I love it!
    Vicki Pink Pearl Girl

  24. Hi Tammy, I just love you room, it's so fresh and crafty. Love the chair cusion and matching table runner. And I love the painted file cabnet. I hate my grey file cabnets, and I sorry to say I have never thought of painting them. I paint everything else.

    Great Job

    come visit

  25. Your room is so sweet I love it -especially those colors. I enjoyed the fix-up stories. Fixing up old furniture is my first love but unfortunatley my house is small and filled to the brim so I seldom get to bring home the raggedy little orphans that call out for rescue nowdays. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Tammy,
    Hello again!! I love the color you painted the walls!! It makes all of your white and pink beauties just pop!!!
    Your cabinets are gorgeous!! Makes me want to get the paint out now!!
    Some many pretty things to look at that my head is spinning with delight!!
    Great job!!

    Many hugs,

  27. Sweet and Pink-alicious! That's how I would describe your delightful creative space...Thanks for the tour!

  28. Your room is lovely Tammy! I love all the detail; it's obvious you took a lot of time to get things just right. I also liked the inspiration board you painted pink; it's very effective but not overwhelming. Thank you so much for the tour. I loved seeing your room!

  29. Tammy, your room is so pretty! I amazed at the before and after! I'm sure you put a lot of hard work into it and it really paid off! The work you did on all the furniture pieces is amazing! They are really beautiful. Thank you so much for joining the party and offering up some wonderful inspiration.
    My Desert Cottage

  30. What a sweet studio space. I love the color of the walls and your storage ideas. Thanks for sharing your space.

  31. What a pretty little studio you have! Incredible before and after! Thank you for a peek into your most inspiring creative haven.

  32. I agree! So much fun seeing the before and after! Love all your whimsical, rosy touches and repurposed furniture pieces. The candle cabinet is the best!

  33. Tammy - I LOVE your studio! It is so pretty, so peaceful, and PINK! :) I could spend hours in there and draw inspiration from your pretty things and your gorgeous view from TWO windows! I love the butterfly clips for your curtains.
    This is perfect. Thanks for sharing!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  34. The pink and blue is so cute! I Love it!

  35. Your space is lovely & it was wonderful to see the tranformation from the basic bedroom to the stupendous studio! Enjoyed hearing the story of how you reinvented the different pieces into beauties. :D

  36. Ooooh! What a treat for the eyes! Your studio is beautiful! LOVE all the pretty pink roses!

  37. gorgeous!! I just had to share it in my blog:

    I of course gave you credit.

    I love the rose details all over the studio!!