Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Cottage Decor

Hello Sweet Friends!
I decorated my house for fall a few days ago and I wanted to show you how lovely it turned out!  I can't believe I am actually posting decor pictures before the holiday has passed this time!

My dining room is lovely and the table is set for a feast!  I wish we could sit down together for some tea and scones!
 I decorated my buffet in the dining room with shades of white. ivory, and brown.  I really love it.  I made that little pumpkin under the bell cloche with mod podge and an old dictionary.  Then I rubbed it with brown ink to distress it a bit and added the embellishments.
 Here is another one of those cute pumpkins.  They were so fun to make!
 My living room looks so cozy and inviting right now.  I rearranged the furniture to enclose it a little and the warm tones help make it look even cozier!

 My favorite arrangement is on this small dresser.  I just love how pretty the decorations turned out!
 Fall is such a wonderful time of year!  All of the trees around here are just so pretty!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is two weeks away!
 My fireplace mantle turned out nicely too!  I am going to make a fall banner (that I will be sure to post when it is finished) and hang it on the fireplace when I am done.

 I just love this "yardlong" print of that pretty victorian lady.  I don't use it very often because it has a gold frame and everything else in the cottage is white.  But she sure shines now!  I bet she will find a permenant home at the bed and breakfast.
 Here are some sachets I made.  I made the one on the left for my mom.  I think I am addicted to making these sachets and you will probably see a lot more of them on my blog in the coming months. 
 I am planning on selling them in the gift shop at the inn.  They are just so much fun to make and I love how cute they turn out when I get fininshed!
 This one has an orange and evergreen fragrance sachet in it.  It smells so wonderful!  I know my mom will love it!
 I made a "practice breakfast" this morning.  I am trying out the recipes I will be using for the inn.  This is orange infused French toast with berry compote and exteme veggie scrambled eggs, minus the veggies because I didn't have any this morning - but I will add them in for my guests.
My new hubby is loving the practice cooking I have been doing lately.  He is so sweet and always helps with the dishes and cleaning up the messes I make.  He is a wonderful husband!
 I also made a practice batch of cinnamon rolls a few days ago.  I think my recipe needs some tweeking, but I am really close!  Each guest will get a cinnamon roll on their plate with a scripture for the day stuck in it.  What a great way to start the day, huh?
I hope you are having a fabulous fall and enjoying all that the season holds for you in your area.  I am in prayer for those affected by the hurricane and now the blizzard-like storm in the east.  May you all be protected and cared for.

Blessings to You!
Love Tammy


  1. Not a surprise anymore lol! I love it! Your room is beautiful and I love the fall colors and how u have the furniture. You are making me very hungry! You are making some of the cutest things.
    Love you

  2. You home is lovely and it has such a inviting feeling. I am so glad you are so happy.

  3. Tammy,
    Everything looks beautiful and festive!! You are so talented!! Will the both of you be moving to the Inn?


  4. Beautiful...

    Your talent amazes me.

    Love, R

  5. Such a beautiful fall transformation in your home. So cozy and inviting. Very pretty!

  6. Hi Tammy, Your decorations are beautiful! What a wonderful way to be in the "Thankful" spirit. ~Marti