Friday, October 26, 2012

Southard House Journals

Hello Sweet Friends!

I have been very busy working on getting things ready for my new bed and breakfast that is due to open in early 2013.  I have been so busy this week creating some beautiful custom-made items for my guest rooms, including some beautiful journals for guests to leave messages about their experience with us and some "Do Not Disturb" sachets for guests to hang on their door knobs so I will know not to bother them when cleaning their rooms.  I have had so much fun this week.  It is really amazing how things come together when you are creating.  I have a picture in my mind of what I think something should look like and then I start working and it comes out completely different . . . and usually better.

The journals started off looking like this, except they had different colors of paper on the inside.
 This is the completed journal for Suite Blessings.  I am planning to decorate that room with lots of crosses and angels.  I am going to use ivory, taupe, and spa green in this room.  I know it will be beautiful!

 This is the journal for Suite Dreams.  I am going to decorate this room like a pretty French garden.  I plan to use garden gates for the headboard and lots of garden statuary and flowers like hydrangeas in this room.
 This will be the journal for Suite Beginnings.  It will be decorated with crimson, white, black, and tan.  It will be very different from the other rooms in the B&B but it will still be very elegant and beautiful.
 This is my favorite journal, which probably means it will be my favorite room.  This is the journal for Suite Hope.  It will be decorated with a lot of Marie Antoinette-inspired decorations.  I plan to use pink and ivory in this room with a lot of roses.
 I had so much fun making these journals.  It was amazing to see them come to life right before my eyes.
I also made some sachets for my guests to use when they do not want to be disturbed.  When this sachet is hanging on the door knob I will know to let them sleep!

Can you guess which sachets go with which room?

 Each of the sachets got a cute label on the back with some "bling" to dress them up.  I think they are so sweet!
 I also made custom labels for my bath soaps that will be found in each bath room.  The soaps smell so wonderful and they will be sold in the gift shop because I know once my guests try these soaps they will want to take more home with them.  They are delish!
 I worked today on framed door plaques for each guest room.  They are almost complete and then I will post them.  I am also working on some beautiful lavender-scented sachets that will be placed on each bed and sold in my gift shop.  I am so excited about this new venture!

I will be posting again soon!  I hope you all have a blessed weekend and a Happy Halloween!

Blessings to You!
Love Tammy


  1. Hi Tammy,
    I'm so happy for you! Your journals and sachets are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to see photos of your B&B, specially Suite Hope.

  2. You certainly are one talented lady. I adore the journals but the DO NOT DISTURB signs are so unique and so creative. I am so happy that you are opening a B&B in 2013. Where may I ask is this place just in case my husband and I are ever visiting that area?
    Joyce M

  3. The journals, and everything is beautiful.Makes me wish I could spend a night there! You are a talented lady!

  4. Hi Tammy
    woow...they are just great :)
    and do not miss,,,,,,




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  5. I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast. If they were all like yours, they would be a perfect place to go.

  6. OOOh I would love to have a bed and breakfast. It would be my dream job. I would have so much fun decorating just as you are.
    Will you be showing the end results?
    I will follow you in case I get to see the rooms when done


  7. Your journals are beautiful. I especially love the Marie Antoinette one. take care, Darlene

  8. What lovely journals. I know your guests will be inspired and thrilled with your attention to details. Thx for sharing.