Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Pink Birthday!

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy 3rd Birthday to How Sweet the Sound!

I want to thank Beverly for hosting us all these great years. It has been such a pleasure to meet all of you sweet ladies and it is mainly though Pink Saturday that I have connected with you so thank you again Beverly for giving me an outlet and an opportunity to meet so many talented, wonderful ladies!

I wanted to share some pictures of the Mother's Tea I held last weekend to honor my mom and my grandma. I didn't get to do it on Mother's Day weekend because I was working but I think last weekend was just as special. First I want to show you the sweet bottles and baskets I made them. This is the Marie Antoinette bottle I made for my mom. Oohh La La! Isn't she lovely? I also made a bottle for my grandma. It is just as sweet with a little bird cage embellishment on it. I had so much fun decorating these antique bottles.

Here is a picture of the baskets favors I made them. I used peet pots and painted the outside. I glued music paper on the inside and then embellished them with lace trim, glitter, flowers, and ribbon. I think they turned out so sweet! I put some Jordan almonds and dutch mints in them. They were the perfect favor and place card holder.

Here are some pictures of the tea table. I decided to have the tea out on my covered patio in the back yard because it was the PERFECT weather for dining al fresco.

I bought these dishes several years ago and they have violets on them so they were the inspiration for the tea table decor. Most of us pink lovin' gals like purple too!

Here I am with my sweet mama. She looked so pretty with her crochet sweater and she made the flower on her shirt and in her hair. They were so adorable!

Here are the three generations. I need to hurry up and have my own little girl so it can be four generations! (But I'd like to get married first.) I know I am a very blessed woman to have such a wonderful mom and grandma. They have been good examples to me of how to be a lady and how to live a good life. I was watching American Idol last week and the lovely Lauren Alaina sang the most beautiful song called "Like My Mother Does". If I could get up on the stage and sing I would sing this song to my mom. The words of that song really describe who she is and what she means to me. I hope you will listen to it here. If the link doesn't work I encourage you to go to youtube and find the video. It is such a beautiful song and you will be blessed when you hear it. Mom I love you and I am so blessed to be your daughter. I am who I am because of your love and guidance all these years. Thank you so much for believing in me and supporting me. You are the best mom in the world and I am so blessed to be your daughter.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and a blessed Pink Saturday! Enjoy your day!

Much Love and Blessings to You!

Love Tammy


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Tammy! You've done a wonderful job with the bottles. What beautiful gifts they make. I love the purple theme for your luncheon. Purple has always been a favorite of mine. I had a purple bedroom as a young girl. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Terri

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love this Marie bottle!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. It is so nice when you hear about great bonds and relationships with the family. There is not enough of that today. You, mom, and grandma area all very pretty ladies. I am proud of you for loving and honoring them.

  4. Oh Tammy, what a lovely relationship you have with your Mom and Grandmom. The bottles were lovely as were your table settings and favors. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Your blog is so lovely - I can only imagine how charming your home is. The bottle that you made is beautiful - what a gift!
    I am your newest follower.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. What a special way to celebrate some special ladies! Loved you bottle & baskets. So pretty!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday! What a lovely outdoor tea! Your bottles and baskets are very creative and sweet! What a wonderful touch - your china set a beautiful table. So glad you were able to create this wonderful memory with your mother and grandmother.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!
    A beautiful post. Adore your altered bottle.
    I am sure I was supposed to be invited as I noticed one said "Ginger" - well I am a redhead so surely that is for me LOL.
    Thank You for sharing.

  9. Gorgeous party! That was so sweet of you. Love how you all match the party too. Thanks for the link to the song. Made me cry!

  10. Looks like your gals have once again had a lovley tea party. You are so blessed to have both your mom and grandmom still. I enjoyed the link to the song. Our moms are such a big part of our lives, they teach us so much. Glad you were able to be with yours!

  11. I would love to have your tutorial to make the bottles and the favor baskets. Lovely. HPS! You are so blessed to have both your mom and grandmother with you! Your tea was terrific! LOve to you and many hugs! Anne

  12. Hi Tammy, Thanks for popping by! I loved doing this matchbox for your mama! She makes such beautiful things and I so wanted her to love the one she got. I have mine that she gave me on a side table in our family room. I love it! :)
    If you want to see the post I did on hers it is right here.
    I love your blog. I am following now. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. Incredible beautiful with all those details. sparkle rose, music paper, bird cage..Happy Pink Satyrday.

  14. Happy Pink Saturday, Tammy. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.

    I love your creations - they are so pretty. Your mother and grandmother must have felt so loved and so special. You made a wonderful memory for each of you.

    I enjoyed that song, too. Lauren sang it beautifully.

  15. You have a wonderful blog I will be back Laura

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  17. Dear Tammy,
    I have been so busy redoing our Kitchen that i have not had much time to visit in Blogland lately.
    I want to tell you that your creations are just stunning! You are so talented and I know your mom is too!
    I have told you how lucky you are to have your mom and grandmother! Enjoy them and treasure them while you have them. I know you do and how wonderful it is that you have these specials events for them! Hats off to you!

  18. Lovely tea you had!
    Stop by my blog when you get a chance!