Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Sunday!

Happy Mother's Day!

I created this post in honor of my mother, Ginger. She is a wonderful mom and I wanted to share some things about her today, but first I wanted to share the history of Mother's Day with you. I wasn't sure of the history myself but I found some great information about it at The Holiday Spot. It is very interesting reading if you don't know the history of Mother's Day.

This is my mom Ginger. Many of you know her and know what a great lady she is. I am very blessed to call her my mom. She has taught me so much and given me so much and I am thankful for each and every thing. I am thankful for the friendship we have today as adults but I also know that if I need a mama she is there for me.

There are so many things my mom has taught me over the years that it would be hard to list them all but I wanted to share the top 5 things she has taught me that have been most important in my life so far:

1. How to cook - my mom is a great cook and she passed her skills down to me. I can remember as a little girl her letting me help her in the kitchen and her showing me how to do things.

2. How to sew - I have been able to make so many beautiful things because I knew how to sew and she taught me on her grandmother's old Singer sewing machine (that she still has and uses!)

3. To never give up - she taught be the art of self-determination by raising two kids by herself and holding down two jobs. She worked long, hard hours and even did extra things on the side to make enough money to get by. She taught me that if you work hard and don't give up you will get through anything.

4. To find enjoyment in life - there are so many things my mom enjoys - crafting, birds, drinking a good cup of tea or coffee, decorating magazines - and she takes the time to enjoy each one. Sometimes it is hard for me to stop and enjoy things because my life is so busy right now so I have to force myself to stop and enjoy living.

5. The love of God - my mom has a very strong faith and loves Jesus. She taught me the importance of having a relationship with God from a very early age. She made sure we went to Sunday school and got a good foundation when we were little. That has carried over into my adult life and I am so thankful for the relationship I have with God today because He's gotten me through so many hard times in my life.Without that relationship that my mom helped foster so long ago I don't know where I would be today.

I am going to spend some time this afternoon with my dear mom, but in a few weeks I am going to have a tea party celebration for her. I will be sure to take a lot of pictures and post them here for you to see. The picture above makes me chuckle because it was from Mother's Day of 2005. I can't believe how much my tablescapes have improved and how much better my tea parties are today. I guess we live and learn!

I hope each of you has a blessed Mother's Day and gets to spend some time with your mom and children.

Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you and I thank you for all that you have given me and all you have done for me. You're the best!

Blessings to you!

Love Tammy


  1. Your mother is a very talented and special lady. You are very blessed to have her for a mom. I love to read her posts as they are always so uplifting. Happy Mother's Day to your mom and may you have a blessed day with her.

  2. Ok I am all choked up now!!! What a special thing for your to do for me on Mothers Day. I am glad you think I helped shape you and taught you the love of God, the joy of crafting and the reward of hard work but you have become a woman in your own right, and a beautiful one at that. Thank you sweetheart for this post. I will never forget it!!
    (And I enjoyed the first tea parties you had as well as the present ones, because we were together)
    I love you

  3. Feliz día de las madres, muy bellas tus fotos.

  4. Oh Tammy Sweetie...
    What a beautiful tribute to Ginger. She is such a lovely lady and you have shown us even more of her each time you blog about her. I love this post.

    I can't wait to see your next tea post. I loved the one of your sweet Momma, your Grandma and you. It was so elegant. You do the most beautiful table settings sweetie.

    Have a wonderful luncheon with your Momma. She is truly a jewel. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. Looks like you and your Mom have a lot of fun together. I think the table looks great! I will have to check back to see what you come up with for this year.

    Pretty blog!!

    I invite you to visit my blog, I'm giving away something pretty!

    Take Care,


  6. Yahoo my blogger is up again and I am here to visit with you. I am so happy you have a great time with Mom. I wish I had mine still,