Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Bird Cottage

Hello Friends! I wanted to share with you my sweet spring cottage and the decorations I used for the month of March. I used birds, bird houses, bird cages, bird nests, and some flowers and garden statuary to create this sweet spring birdie cottage.These are some good shots of the entire living room. I love how everything is so fresh and pretty, just like spring!
Here is my fireplace mantle. I used a lot of green in honor of St. Patrick's Day but also because it is a great color to represent the newness of life that we find in the spring time. My mom made the beautiful "NEST" banner hanging on the mirror and I hand-painted each one of the eggs in the jars and nests around the room.

Here is a close-up shot of some of the mantle. I love this beautiful angel and don't dare put her outdoors for fear that she might get broken in the Oklahoma wind.

This shelf sits above my (ugly) television set on a wall in my living room. I am hoping to get a cabinet I can house my TV in to hide it from view and then I will have to take the shelf down, but for now it gets decorated with themed items for each holiday or season. My favorite thing on the shelf is the sweet shadow box with the nest in it because I made it! It was actually given to me by my boyfriend's mother for a birthday gift but the back glass was broken to pieces and it housed a heart made of dried red roses - that didn't really go with any of my decor in the house. I decided to take the broken back off, take the rose heart out, make a new back and cover it in "music paper", and add a pre-formed nest that I decorated with ribbon and flowers. Now it is one of the sweetest pieces and I love showing it off!

I have a mannequin I named Miss Molly and she gets a new dress for each season. She helps welcome the guests that come to my little cottage. Isn't the wreath on the door just darling? It is made from a garden hose and a watering can that I added greenery and flowers to.

Here is a great view of the entire living room from another angle. See how ugly the TV is? Hopefully I can save some money and buy a cabinet soon to hide that ugly thing! But I think the rest of the room is just lovely!

This is a table in front of my big picture window in my living room. I love all of the decorations on this table.
I purchased these plain wooden letters and covered them with scrapbook paper. I think they turned out so pretty!

Here is a sweet birdie pillow I made recently. The hardest part was the ruffle, but it was worth the effort because it turned out so pretty! I am going to make another accent pillow like this for Easter!
Here is another table in my living room and I love all of the sweet bird decor on it. I think my favorite thing on this table is the sweet blue porcelain tray with the birds and candle on it. I wish you could see the detail on this tray - it is just beautiful! I am going to use it again for my Easter decorating!

Here is a good picture of the dining area in my spring birdie cottage. If you want to see some better pictures of that tree over by the window please look at my older posts because I show detailed pictures of each one of the ornaments that I hand-made myself!

Here is a good view of the kitchen area. I love the shape of my kitchen - that U shape is wonderful for cooking. I also love the window over the sink that looks out onto my back yard. I love how the light shines in and illuminates the whole space in the morning.

Isn't my dining room lovely? I really enjoy decorating the china hutches you see in each corner of this picture. It was decorated for St.Patrick's Day in this picture. I used a lot of green dishes, shamrocks, and green candles.

If you would like to have a closer look at the table scape there are some great photos in the post right after this one. I had a spring tea party with my mom and grandma and the decorations are so pretty! I hope you will take a look!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my spring birdie cottage. I hope you will leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

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Blessings to You!

Love Tammy


  1. Hi Tammy :) I have so enjoyed my tour of your beautifully decorated home for Spring ~ I too would leave the Angel Statue inside for fear of it being broken, it's just so lovely :) You did a wonderful job creating that beautiful pillow ( I too have some difficulty with making ruffles), as I can only use a certain thickness of fabric to run thru my gathering foot on my machine ~ too thick fabric does not gather very well so I have to use thinner fabric for my ruffles. Love your header with the sweet little chicks :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. Tammy I loved the tour of your Spring cottage! I am so into bird decor lately and have been adding bits here and there. My hubby says he "doesn't get it" but endures it, ha! I say what's not to get, right????!!!


  3. Tammy, You must be my long lost sister! Our homes are very similar and we are the same age and you adore your family! Oh my I am in heaven over your bluebird pillow! It is on my list of things to do, to learn how to sew :) I love all of the beautiful whites you have used throughout your home all of your little vignettes are so pretty and cozy romantic! I am a bit sporadic with my ability to get around and comment to everyone I would like to visit with (MY KIDS). Anyhoo, so fabulous to meet you! Big squishy hugs,

  4. Tammy, I certainly enjoyed the tour of your Springtime Birdie home! You have done a really good job at making your lovely cottage look beautiful. Of course, you know how I love all the "birds and nests". You did a great job on that pillow. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  5. PS: By the way, I love the new look of your blog! Way to go, girl!!!

  6. Ooohhh Tammy,
    Beautiful sweet one !! Every season your sweet cottage gets made-over, and I just LoVe what you create with her !! How FuN !! Now Tammy, where oohh where do you stash each season decorations when they are not put out !! I try to decorate each season as well, BuT, not at all to the extent that you so lovingly do !! It always looks so fresh and NeW !! Amazing what different decor will do for a room !!

    I ALWAYS enjoy my peeks into your lovely nest :) YoU are quite the talented, loving one .. thanks for sharing such happy ~
    Huggers ~TeA~ xo

  7. Oh my gosh Tammy! You're home is sooooo adorable, it's like stepping inside a storybook fairytale! Thanks for giving us a tour.

    And thanks for your very sweet comment about my mag feature.

  8. Oh my Tammy everything as usual is so pretty. I just love seeing your cute little cottage. It is a joy each and everytime I come here. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So pretty and cozy home, love every single detail!

    Many great ideas!



  11. I enjoyed visiting your home through pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Tammy, your home is so delightful and pretty.
    I have totally enjoyed the walk through of your home,
    Thankyou for sharing and for visiting me also.