Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad Doggie!

Hello Blogger Friends!

I don't think I have ever introduced you to my other dog. Her name is Sissy and I adopted her from the SPCA in my community because Mr.Stoops was spending a lot of time alone and I thought he was sad and bored being alone so I got him a friend. Well it turns out that even though Sissy is a sweet, loving, very entertaining little lady, she can also be very naughty and destructive. She uprooted many a bush, flower, and plant in my backyard and was working on digging up my big tree! She destroyed furniture cushions and chewed up anything she could get in her mouth. I think she was really bored so James has allowed her to come live with him. She plays with his dog Popeye and he has a much bigger back yard so she is happy there.
A few days ago James went outside to check on the dogs and couldn't find them. "Sissy, where are you?"

" Oh, there you are! Inside a giant cave you have dug under my porch!!!", James exclaimed.

That's right my friends! This little digger actually carved out a cave to burrow herself under his back patio! I am so glad he is patient and understanding. I guess she figured out a way to stay warm in the cold winter weather. She's not outside very much so I can't believe she actually had the time to create such a cave!

I sure hope we can teach Sissy to stop digging soon. She can be so destructive! I would love to hear your stories of things your dogs have done. I'm sure this is mild compared to some of your experiences. Please share them with me!
Blessings to You!
Love Tammy


  1. We should start calling her Gopher!!! LOL Love your new header.

  2. Tammy, our dog is a digger too. She is so lovable, but so irritating at times too. We looked out one day and she had a hole dug so deep that all we could see was her hind end sticking up in the air and nothing else. All I can say is give it time. The older she gets,the less she is digging. Hopefully there is an end to it! Good luck!