Friday, June 15, 2012

Mermaid Birthday Party

Hello Blogger Friends!

I wanted to share some pictures of the wonderful mermaid birthday party I had for Lucie this past weekend.  I had it in the barn again.  I just can't seem to keep out of there since I got it fixed up.

 There was lots of aqua and white everywhere.  I made those "sea urchins" out of tissue paper.  Aren't they pretty?
 I love the tablescape on the buffet!  We had all kinds of wonderful treats for the party!
 I made some mermaid cookies for everyone to take home.  They were a lot of fun to make!
 Here are the cupcakes.  I made the sleeves from scrapbook paper and punched the top with a lacey punch.
 This was Lucie's birthday cupcake with the candle in it.  I made shells from white chocolate that tasted like mint.  Then I dusted them with pearl luster dust to make them pearly and pretty.

 I used graham cracker crumbs for the "sand" on this cupcake.
 I also had rock candy sticks and jelly bellys.   I made turkey and cheese sandwiches on bread in the shape of a fish and served it with goldfish crackers and carrot sticks with ranch dressing.

 The table was so beautiful too!  I love the shell plates and we used them for dessert!
 Here is a crown I made for the birthday girl so she could be the "Queen of the Sea".
 Didn't it turn out so cute?  There is another picture later of her wearing it.
 This was the centerpiece on the table.  Lucie liked the glitter I added to her tail.
 Here are some place card holders I made.  I added sand, shells, and aqua glitter to each ball.  They were so pretty!

 Here is a banner I made for the occasion.  I love these colors together!

 I found this wooden cutout of a mermaid at a craft store and covered her with scrapbook paper and embellishments.  Lucie thought she was very pretty!
 James and Maggie had a good time too.  They enjoyed our time together.
 Here is the birthday girl with her crown on.  Isn't she cute!  She is 8 now and I can't believe how quickly she is growing up!
 She had a girlfriend come too but I didn't get her picture.  Karlee is Lucie's best friend and I am glad she got to be a part of her fun day.
Here I am teaching the girls how to do sand art.  We used salt and chalk instead of that expensive sand.  It was so much fun and our bottles of sand were so beautiful when we got them finished.  Lucie got a new bicycle for her birthday and she rode it for a bit.  Then we played some fun birthday party games.  We had a great time!  I sent them all home with a treat bag and another cupcake.
I hope you all are having a great summer!  I have a few other beautiful things I have made to decorate up by sweet beach cottage that I want to show you soon.  I will also be posting pictures of the Father's Day brunch I am hosting for James and the girls this weekend.  I hope you all have a happy Father's Day and a blessed weekend!

Blessings to you!
Love Tammy


  1. What a beautiful and sweet birthday party for your sweet little girl- xo Diana

  2. Tammy, what a precious little Birthday Mermaid!! I knew you would do a outstanding job!! I so want to live by you!! Life would be glitter and fun! Lori

  3. Hi Tammy, What a fabulous party! Each and every detail was just magical. Your cookies are stunning, as are the cupcakes and the crown. Lucky, lucky little Lucie! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your Father's Day Sunday as well. ~Marti

  4. A wonderful and beautiful PINK post!

    HPS, a little late but catching up to visit you. Here's my PINK, hope you'd come and see. Have a great weekend.

    I am now following your blog. It would be lovely to have you follow back, thank you.